Where it Started 
I always struggled to find the right gift for our family dog Dexter. A bone seemed to disappear after a few days and a toy, if not destroyed right away, was added to an overflowing basket of squeakers and teddy bears. I wanted to buy him something fun, but it seemed like every product in our local pet store was quite bland and boring. Maybe you have felt this way before, or maybe you haven’t, but I had a bone to pick with these products.
What started as a normal shopping experience has evolved into a dog brand of its own. We made it our priority to design products that are functional and trendy. Sourcing only high-quality fabrics to ensure that each product is built to last while providing our customers with fun patterns and designs that they crave. Our approach with bcuddly was to build a brand which meant focusing the same amount of time creating content and experiences that our followers love. Fun, Happy, Energetic and Relatable. This best describes how our brand lives and breathes throughout our footprint.
So here we are, with a love for our furry friend, an inspiration for refreshing and fun products,bcuddly is alive and well. This whole process has been so enlightening and we are proud to share bcuddly with you. There is a new dog in town and we are the original brand for your extraordinary friend. Welcome to bcuddly.
Blake Smith - Founder of bcuddly